Reframe Brow & Lash Tinting Brow Shaping

Reframe Your Beauty

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Lash Tint $20






Eyebrow Tint/Lash Tint

Brow & Lash Tint $35

Are the light, or Gray hairs in your brow line frustrating you? Don't pluck them out or you'll be brow less, and nobody ever wants a bare brow line. Gentle, safe tints bring life & vibrance, back into your brows, so schedule your appoinment today!


 Brow Tint $20



Matienence Brow Wax

Don't chance your brows to quick & less superior treatments. Remember if you are going to an establishment who waxes make sure that they are not double dipping,  chances are they are not! Most of your popular nail salons skimp on this area. If someone came in for a bikini wax before you, make sure that they are using a completely different waxing pot & not double dipping.

Also threading might be more affordable, however the string that is used for the service, most often time runs through the technician's mouth, ask yourself, where has their mouth been before they worked on me?

Many times, there is no consistency, and many of my clients, who have gone elsewhere, end up walking out with imbalanced brows, which in the begining, instead of matienence, turns into corrective work.

At Beauty That Glowz I use gently hard wax vs. strip wax, because it attaches to the hair, not the skin. I also never double dip.


Brow Shaping $25


Brows*Hairline*Forehead $35


Just Brows Monthly Maintenance $20


Wowz Browz



This Full brow treatment includes a brow consult to see how best to address your brow needs. 2nd a brow tint is applied, to truly see your brow in all it's fullness. 3rd I design, wax & shape & trim.4th I add any brow enhancing products to give you that "Red Carpet" look.


Wowz Browz $40