Basic Facials


Wiki Kwiki Facial

 A refreshing express facial which includes:



Nose Extractions


Finishing Products




Honey Girl Full Face Wax Plus

 A full face wax, including all areas of the face, forehead to the base of the hairline, eyebrows, nose, upper & lower cheeks, lower face and upper & lower chin. A very thorough service for the gal who wants a clean hairless treatment, without double dipping into the wax pot. 

Utilizing a hard wax which is formulated even for the most sensitive of skins. Followed by: 

A Light Accupressure Facial Massage With 100% Therapeutic Essential Oils

Customized Masque

Finishing Products





Wahine Aloha Bliss Facial

A client favorite!

 This popular all-inclusive facial has it all covered for a fantastic price.

Skin Analysis

 Ladies Gentle Facial Grooming Wax

 (eyebrow, upper & lower lip, top & base of the nose)

 Enzyme peel with Ultrasonic Scrubber Modality

 Deep Pore Cleansing

 Aromatherapy Scalp, Face, Hand & Arm Massage

 Customized Therapeutic Mask

Finishing Products

  Customized for All Skin Types.






Kohala Rain Backcial

 This amazing back treatment address's an area of the body that most often times gets neglected. It includes:

A double cleansing

 An Back Polish

Back Resurfacing Peel


Custom Masque

Finishing Product

90 min. $60

Extractions & Microdermabrasion

$30 & Up