Revive Advanced Facials


Advanced Facials



Paradise Paraffin Hydrating Moisture Facial


This amazingly hydrating Facial is perfect for dry skin.

This treatment includes:


A Marine Enzyme Firming Mask

A Vitamin, Collagen, & Humectant treatment layered under a warm paraffin Mask.




Electric Puhi Facial

 This facial includes everything that the Aloha Bliss facial has to offer but more.

This premium treatment includes:

Collagen Mask with Customized Skin Serum

Treatment that in conjunction with an Ultrasound Probes

  The results are instant Tighter Pores,  Firmer Skin

Brighter Tone

Making this a perfect facial for any skin type.



Kilistala Oxybrasion Facial

This crystal free exfoliation treatment offers deeper exfoliation.

This treatment includes:

Crystal Free Oxygen Microdermabrasion

Light Peel

Enzyme Masque




Pololei Oily Skin Facial

This treatment is created for the client who has mild to moderate acne. 


Exfolitation Process


Enzyme Masqe

Blue & Green LED Therapy

Therapeutic Facial Serums




'Ea Oxygen Facial

Benefits of the oxygen facial for dry and clients looking to improve anti-aging results. This facials for you. By utilizing a blend of liquid anti-oxidants and nutrients, working in conjunction, with pure oxygen helps leaves skin plump, super hydrated and refreshed. For oily problematic skin, this amazing facial treatment can be customized to deter inflammation and is an excellent anti-microbial way to encourage and support better skin health.


Recommended in a series of 6 bonus includes in the first initial series package supportive home care system. (Treatments once a week, for optimal results)



"Ea Oliy Skin Oxygen Facial

Exfoliation via an Oxygen Airbrush & Products

Enzyme Marine Mask Or Mint Gel Mask

Blue LED Therapy

Oily Skin Essential Oil Blend Oxygen Infusion




Ea' Oxygen Facial Deluxe VC & Collagen 

plus LED Therapy

Ultrsaound Therapy







​Fa'u Mata

Facial Masage

Contouring Treatment

A natural alternative to toning facial muscles. Targeting key Acupressure points on the face, it works in tandem with your own internal energy to strengthen the muscles of the face. Also, included in this electric  modality treatment. Customized with the "Committed Client" who receives optimum results with Professional treatments that work in tandem with a supported home regimen.

Light Peel

Facial Massage 

Marine Enzyme Firming Masque

Red LED Therapy

Ultrasonic Probes

Finishing Products


Optimum results are better achieved in a series package of 12 

minimum 2 times a week.

*Some contraindications, may prohibit some clients, from receiving this treatment, please call ahead to see if this treatment will be the right treatment for you.



Nani Glow

Includes the Honey Girl Full Face Wax Plus 

LED Red or Blue Light Therapy

Facial Contour Massage




Mata Fa'u 12

Your First Initial 12 Series Package Includes: 

A 4 pc Full Size Home Care System


12 Fa'u Mata Facial Contouring Treatments

Extremely competitively priced so that you can get on the right treatment & with your supportive Anti-aging home care starter system , helps you to work towards visible results!











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